The HealthEPupil Behavior and Development Program

Pediatric Primary Care Associates is pleased to introduce you to our HealthEPupil Behavior and Development Program, an innovative project that is designed to help families of children, teens and young adults with a wide variety of problems with Behavior, Development, Psychological and School challenges up to 18 years of age.

The HealthEPupil Program was made possible through the generous support from the Allen D. Schwartz M.D. Charitable Fund. Dr. Schwartz dedicated a significant part of his practice to caring for this population of children. Inspired by his efforts, his pediatric colleagues came together under Pediatric Primary Care Associates to launch the HealthEPupil Behavior and Development Program.

The HealthEPupil program is modeled after the national initiative to improve access to quality health care through innovations in physician education and access, known as ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes).  The program incorporates the latest evidence based techniques to evaluate, manage and coordinate the care of children and teens with a wide variety of developmental and behavioral issues.  The program is also designed to help parents maximize their insurance benefits and minimize out of pocket expenses.

The HealthEPupil Team consists of a board certified developmental pediatrician, a child psychiatrist and a child psychologist who work together with each patient’s primary care physician, teachers and other professionals to provide education, consultative and support services.

Our Resources:

  • Web-based education curriculum
  • Web-based resource guide
  • Secure and private communication platform
  • Secure and private Telehealth platform

Our Mission: To provide community professionals with the knowledge and support they need to successfully treat, manage and coordinate the care of children, teens and young adults with behavioral and developmental issues.   

Our Clinical Leadership Team:

  • Stephen Carson, M.D. (General Pediatrician)
  • Michaela Ene, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychologist)
  • Theodora Nelson, M.D. (Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician)
  • Mark Chenven, M.D. (Child Psychiatrist)
  • Sarah Giguere, D.O. (General Pediatrician)

Funding: Support from the Allen D. Schwartz, M.D. Charitable Fund was directed to the Collaborative for Universal Health (“C4UH”, a not for profit 501C3) to establish this platform with expert advice from clinical leaders of Pediatric Primary Care Associates.

Parents and Guardians: To engage the help of the HealthEPupil team and maximize the use of the patient's insurance benefits, a referral is needed by the child's primary care physician (typically a pediatrician or family practitioner). This is best accomplished by sending your primary care physician our website address so that your pediatrician can create a user name and password. Once your primary care physician has logged in, the physician can then contact our team by initiating a referral.  If you are unsuccessful in initiating a referral with your physician, please click on the Leave Feedback button below to contact the HealthEPupil team directly.

Primary Care Physicians (Pediatricians, Internists and Family Practitioners) and Specialists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Teachers, Therapists,  Advocates and Coaches:
The HealthEPupil program is free to any and all professionals who are interested in using any of the resources contained herein, including our secure, private and HIPAA compliant platform for communicating between parents and any other member part of the child's team. We simply ask the following:

  • Create a user name and password and provide us with your contact information.  The HealthEPupil team reserves the right to revoke access to anyone that violates our policies and procedures.
  • Provide us regular feedback about: any changes to our resource list for San Diego County, both good and bad experiences that patients have had with professionals in the community and any suggestions for improving the website or services.

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